Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Krystal was adopted by a loving family last year. Shortly after adoption, the owner lost his job, but continued to be a great dog owner for Krystal. Unfortunately, she became sick on Thursday night and on Saturday it was clear she needed to see a vet. The emergency vet estimated $1000 for treatment/diagnosis. The owner could not afford this and contacted us to see if we could help. He signed over ownership and we rushed her to the e vet. She could not stand up when we got her and had not eaten for a couple days.She had diarrhea and was vomiting. She had to stay until Monday, and now she is at Shady Oak Vet. Her vet bills have exceeded $2000, but she is worth every penny! She is petite at 25 lbs and is about 7 months old. Best breed guesses...? We were told Pit Bull/Weim, but she is tiny and doesn't look like either breed! She needs donations for her care as well as a caring foster home who can nurse her back to health!

Krystal had x-rays and an ultrasound last week to determine the problem. A barium drink balled up in her intestines, so she was rushed into surgery. Everyone thought she had an obstruction. Once they opened her up, the vet could not find an obstruction, but upon further exploration discovered pancreatisis and an enlarged gallbladder. They sewed her up and started treatment. Unfortunately, Krys did not resume eating and was still lethargic and dehydrated.

Over the weekend, Krystal went home to our vet techs house for observation. It was there that she discovered Krystal was not throwing up her food, but rather regurgitating it. More x-rays were taken of her chest and throat, but they were inconclusive. At this point, we sent her to a vet clinic with an endoscopic machine. Yesterday she was sedated and had an endoscopy. It looked like a shotgun had gone off in her trachea- dozens of lesions and tons of swelling. It looks like before she was brought to us, Krystal had drank or eaten something that led to severe chemical burns.

Now we know what we are dealing with, but unfortunately that is not the end. Krystal is now under 20 pounds and completely emaciated. Her who skeleton shows and she has a hard time standing up for any amount of time. She is still not able to get food down. We may have to put a feeding tube in her. Her vet bills are around $5000 so far and we aren't close to done. Please, if you have any spare change, consider making a tax deductible donation to our rescue. And please send good thoughts and/or prayers for Krystal.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 20- Oscar's wound is closed.

Day 20- 3/10/2011

Oscar's recovery has taken a giant leap forward. His wound was closed by Shady Oak Vet on Tuesday. In addition he was neutered, microchipped and given his rabies vaccine. He tested negative for lymes, heartworm and anaplasmosis. He seems to be on the final stretch of recovery. I picked him up early on Wednesday and I think he was happy to see me. He came home to his porch for some much needed rest. He really appreciates not having the bandage changes daily. He can finally clean himself and move around without difficulty.

He has only eaten a little bit since coming home so I will keep a close eye on him. Sadly, his ribs continue to be prominent so we have a long way to go in weight gain. His energy level isn't where it was before he went to surgery, but I will give him a couple more days before I get worried. He has met a potential family for adoption who just love him! If he is feeling up to it on Saturday he will go to their home to meet their dog and cat. If all goes well Oscar will have his forever home! However, if Saturday rolls around and he still isn't eating well we will hold off until next week. He has been through so much in the last month that recovery time may just take longer then the average, healthy dog. He will continue with another two weeks of antibiotics as well as return to the vet for his stitches to be removed in about 2 weeks.

As usual he has been a joy to have around. He is probably one of the easiest foster dogs we have had the pleasure of having. He is not demanding and very appreciative of what we do for him. He still isn't quite sure about getting into the car (I have to lift him), but once he is in he loves car rides. My kitchen is no longer a place of fear for him, and he LOVES to go for walks. He doesn't pull at all, but does enjoy sniffing everything. A 6 block walk took about 30 minutes! He loves to have his head and butt rubbed, and if you are sitting on the floor next to him he paws at you to pet him. He is a sweetheart, and will make his new family very happy.

Thank you for taking the time to read his blog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 12- Oscar's wound is going to be closed!

Day 12- 3/2/2011

Oscar is improving by leaps and bounds. Every day he has more spunk and is starting to play with Matt and I. He still loves to howl with the police sirens, but never barks. As I have said before he loves the three season porch and uses it as his safe place. Matt and I have been slowly introducing him to the house, and he now can lay in the living room for about an hour before he wants to go back out on the porch, which is a huge improvement. He is following the lead of Thurman and Cree, which may not be the best, since their favorite game is jumping the fence and cruising the neighborhood. Thankfully, Oscar isn't into jumping.

Dressing changes continue to be daily, but we went for his one week check up at the vet yesterday. They were very impressed with his wound and think it is ready to be closed. The plan is to close his wound and neuter him next Tuesday. I am so excited for him because then his dressing changes will be OVER! He anticipates these changes daily and avoids the kitchen, where they happen, like the plague. Hopefully, he will not need the cone of shame. The most excited news for me is that he has gained 7 pounds in one week!! I attribute that to his high calorie/protein diet in addition to treating his tapeworm.

Oscar has really become special to Matt and I. It is so inspiring to have a dog that has been through so much and yet still licks your face and smiles at you when you bring him food. He is truly appreciative for everything we have done for him. Thank you to everyone who has donating to his care. It has allowed him a second chance at life.



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