Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 2- A Day of Firsts

Day 2- 2/20/2011

Oscar was picked up from the Emergency Vet this morning. Even though he just had major surgery, he managed to lick my hand when he saw me. The vet told us that he would need daily vet visits including skin stretching in hopes of closing the wound.

He was a little slow to move and had to be lifted in and out of the car. I could feel his ribs and hip bones without difficulty. Even though he yelped in pain he never growled or nipped. Upon arrival to our house he devoured two cups of food immediately. It was obvious he hadn't eaten for awhile. He then fell fast asleep for about 6 hours on a warm blanket.

When he woke up he had to be coaxed through the house with chicken, and had his first visit to the backyard. He did his business like a gentleman, and then had to be coaxed back inside with some more chicken. The whole time I am thinking, 'there's a fricken snowstorm outside get your butt in here.' He stayed up for a little while to be loved and just fell back asleep on his blanket. I am sure he is exhausted.

Tomorrow will be his first check up at the vet. He is on twice daily antibiotics, and his wound continues to ooze because it is not entirely closed. He doesn't let this get him down though. He knows he has been saved, and today was the first day of the rest of his life. He will never be hungry, thirsty or unloved again.

My only complaint: He is quite smelly!! And I can't do anything about it for awhile. So suggestions for odor deodorizers is much appreciated!!


  1. Fresh Rosemary is good. In fact one of my dogs likes it so much that is the only place she will do her business, giggle.
    Good luck with this gorgeous guy.

  2. Baby powder..give him a powder bath. Rub it in, down to the skin (keeping clear of the wound) and then brush it out. My personal preference is for Johnson and Johnson powder as I have never met a generic powder I like. Another thought is shaving cream- they used this on Cathie when she was in her car accident. I've used the shaving cream trick on hairy boy dogs - and it works well- rub in and dry with a cool/warm dryer while brushing.



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