Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 6- Definite Improvement

Day 6- 2/24/2011

To put it bluntly... Oscar almost killed us today. We were driving down 35W on our way to Shady Oak Vet Clinic. I drive a honda civic, and when I have dogs in the back seat I put my arm across the center console so they can't come up front. Out of nowhere big white Oscar bounds head first over my arm, and puts his paws on the dash board. Thankfully, I stayed on the road, but I had to pull over to get him into the back. He didn't try it again, but I was definitely more aware of him back there!

So, on we go to Shady Oak for the dressing change. The wound looks awesome. Lots of new tissue growth, and the infection is definitely clearing. I am pretty sure he doesn't like the tramadol because when I try to give it to him he eats everything around it minus the pill. Even if I wrap it in meat he will refuse the meat unless I take the pill out. So we did the wound cleaning without it and he did fine.

As Oscar is starting to feel better some of his personality is starting to shine through. He loves to be pet especially on his belly. Even if he weren't feeling rotten I think he would be pretty lazy. He is not a big fan of the leash, and is quite obstinate when it is on. Believe me, 75 pounds can be difficult to move if he doesn't want to. But, he is treat motivated and I have learned his weakness for turkey and chicken. He loves other dogs and wishes he could play with Cree and Thurman. Lastly, he wants to be near us whenever he can.

As always thank you for following Oscar's journey and donating to his care. It makes such a difference for him. If you are interested in adopting Oscar he is still available, but will not be on the website until he is feeling better. There has been a lot of interest in him and I am not surprised!

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  1. Hi Nicci! I just donated for Oscar and I will continue to get my friends to donate too! He looks happier each day! My boys and I love seeing if he is in the back yard every morning! They call him the polar bear it's so cute! Oscar has such a sweet smile! He will make someone very happy companion! Smiles, Krista



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